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LEGO Minifigures Online
License: indefinite license (lifetime)
Type: electronic version
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LEGO Minifigures Online is a fun packed online game where you can play with thousands of other players in your favorite LEGO Worlds! Collect the awesome Minifigures and smash your enemies. Battle Dragons in Medieval World or Hades himself in Mythology World! Play now to meet the Minifigures! Collect them all and bring them with you on grand adventures in LEGO Minifigures Online - an epic online game where you get to explore colorful locations such as Pirate World, Space World, Medieval World and Dino World! Join together with thousands of other players in this online game and battle your way through monstrous enemies as you develop your Minifigures’ unique and powerful abilities. Smash, build and collect - thousands of exciting adventures are just a brick away in LEGO Minifigures Online!

Special Features

  • Explore many wondrous worlds of LEGO each teeming with life, detail and awesome adventure! From lush islands held by swashbuckling pirates to alien worlds where the Galaxy Patrol must battle dangers such as an alien and mercenary invasion!
  • Find, collect and play with almost one hundred different minifigures! The Ice Skater, the Chicken Suit Guy, the Roller Derby Girl, The Policeman and many, many more; millions of LEGO fans all over the world have held them in their hands and now they can step into their shoes as they explore the world of LEGO Minifigures Online!
  • Interact with the environment around you and use it to your advantage! Smash an enemy turret and re-build it to work for you, destroy a wall to discover a hidden passage and even build machines to help you take down the big bosses! Smashing stuff definitely feels good, but as all LEGO fans will know, building something feels even better!
  • Play together with thousands of other players from all over the world! Face the adventure together and take on challenging epic dungeons such as The Dragon Halls or Treasure Island!
  • Discover unique abilities with each minifigure!
  • Gather experience and level up minifigures by smashing your way through enemies, rocks and LEGO bricks! Customize your playstyle by collecting special bricks and put them together in unique shapes to upgrade abilities such as defense or creativity!
  • Since 1975, LEGO has made more than 3600 different minifigures available and Funcom will continuously keep adding more and more of these for players to collect in-game! Funcom and LEGO are working closely together to blend the physical world of LEGO with the digital one; for instance players who purchase bags containing real minifigure will immediately be able to jump into the game and play with their virtual counterparts!

    How to use code:

    1. Visit the Download Page
    2. Play through the tutorial, and then enter the in-game shop and click "Redeem Code"
    3. Enter your unique code (located in the PROMO CODE box below) to unlock $18 worth of content
    4. This key provides the following digital goods:

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